Dr. Tracy Davis leads the way in Ozark, Missouri, for dental procedures such as root canal treatment. When a tooth is worth saving, your dentist may recommend having a root canal versus having the tooth extracted. Dr. Davis works tirelessly to provide the best possible experience when a patient needs a root canal treatment. As a result, there are no fears for patients of Excel Dental when a root canal is on the horizon.

What is a Root canal?

Do you shudder at the thought of a root canal? Although some patients may envision a procedure that sounds painful, Dr. Davis will quickly explain that your tooth will be numb and the procedure is usually a fairly easy procedure for patients. When a tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed, shows an infection, or is dead, your dentist may recommend a root canal. So, if you want to save your tooth, you will only have one option; a root canal.

The pulp of the tooth contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The pulp lies at the tooth’s center and extends through the tooth’s roots into the bones. Sometimes, a tooth may have more than one canal. Some dentists do root canals, while other dentists prefer to send you to a specialist in root canals, especially if there’s more than one root and the procedure is complicated. The dentist removes the pulp and fills the pulp chamber with a sealant to prevent an infection.

What Causes You to Have a Root Canal?

A toothache brought about by different factors may indicate that you need a root canal, such as extreme or lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold substances and especially sensitivity to heat, showing a specific need for a root canal. On the other hand, sometimes there may not be anything that creates pain, and the tooth spontaneously hurts randomly.

Frequently, an abscess develops, causing increased pain when pressure is applied to the tooth. A tooth abscess may or may not produce tissue swelling and bleeding around the tooth, cheek, jaw, or throat, making treatment urgent. It takes the skill and advanced knowledge of a licensed dentist to determine if you have an abscess.

When you leave an abscess untreated, it never subsides and only becomes more prominent and increasingly more painful, spreading to the bone around the tooth. The dentist may prescribe an antibiotic and this will ease pain temporarily. However, the only way to get rid of the abscess is through a root canal treatment. A root canal cleans out the infection, the nerves, and dead tissue then seals up the canal.

Circumstances Causing a Root Canal

  • Trauma to the tooth and areas under the tooth, such as the nerve.
  • A cracked tooth
  • Root resorption
  • Repeated dental procedures

It takes the skill and knowledge of the dentist to decide if you need a root canal. In addition, the dentist must do X-rays and may have to perform a pulp vitality test. If you do need a root canal, this procedure is usually done in one appointment. First, your dentist explains the entire process. If your tooth is worth saving, it is best to undergo the treatment.

With Excel Dental in Ozark, Missouri, where our team prioritizes personalized care, patients can dispel any fears of root canal treatments. Rest assured, you can put your trust in Dr. Tracy Davis to perform a comfortable procedure. Give us a call today at 417-581-3600 for more information.