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Proudly serving the heart of Missouri, we welcome patients from Ozark, Nixa, Springfield, and surrounding communities.

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The cornerstone of keeping your mouth healthy is a professional dental cleaning and exam. These visits, recommended at least twice a year or as directed by our dentists, are crucial in maintaining your oral health.

For our youngest patients, we offer “Happy Visits” designed to make your child’s routine care a fun and positive experience. No matter your age or oral health background, our experienced team will provide you with comfortable, efficient care in a relaxing environment.

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MO ozark dental cleaning excel dental
MO ozark dental cleaning excel dental
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What to expect?

Our welcoming team provides personalized care, answering your concerns and ensuring your confidence in your treatments. Our focus on these routine visits is early detection and preventing problems in the future. Your visit will include:

  • ZComprehensive oral cancer screening of head, neck, and mouth, using VELscope tissue fluorescence as needed
  • ZEvaluation of gum and tissue health
  • ZAssessment for the presence of specific harmful bacteria
  • ZThoroughly and gently removing dental plaque from teeth and gums using GBT technology
  • ZSalivary Diagnostic Testing as needed
  • ZRecommendations for appropriate oral health changes

FAQ about dental cleanings & exams

Why are regular dental cleanings and exams important?

Regular dental cleanings and exams allow us to spot any potential issues early on, helping to prevent larger, more costly problems down the line. They’re essential for maintaining good oral health and can even contribute to overall health.

What is salivary diagnostic testing?

Salivary diagnostic testing through Oral DNA allows us to assess the presence of specific harmful bacteria in your mouth. This helps us develop a tailored treatment plan to maintain your oral health.

What is air polishing?

Air polishing is an advanced, gentle method for removing plaque and stains from your teeth. It’s a comfortable alternative to traditional rubber cup polishing, offering a more pleasant dental cleaning experience. We’re excited to be bringing this benefit to our patients soon!

Straight from our patients’ mouths


Denise G.

So happy to have found Excel! Dr. Davis is one of the few American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members in the area. They truly care about their patients and providing the right care.


Susan G.

Excel Dental provides the BEST dental care! They offer a whole-person approach to dentistry…it’s not just about your teeth. They go above and beyond in regards to education and patient care and it begins the moment you walk in the door. If you’re looking for comprehensive, anxiety-free dental care, this is the place!


James M.

Dr. Davis is the best and most wonderful dentist I’ve ever had! I appreciate her dedication, caring, and knowledgeable professionalism, not only from her but also from her entire staff. What an amazing team!

Preventive care that’s anything but routine

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State-of-the-art Facility

We’ve invested in training and cutting-edge technology to provide precise, effective, and comfortable dental care, from AI software to 3D printers and dental lasers.

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Compassionate Team

Experience service that’s thoughtful and family-oriented. Our team genuinely cares about our patients and community, striving to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Relax in our modern office designed to make you feel at home. We understand that dental appointments can be nerve-wracking for some, and are committed to your total comfort.

You deserve excellent dental care

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