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Prioritize your gum health

Healthy gums are crucial for maintaining a vibrant smile and ensuring overall health. Gum disease is often underestimated but is a pervasive issue that can significantly impact your oral and systemic health if left unchecked.

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MO ozark gum disease excel dental
MO ozark gum disease excel dental
MO ozark periodontal health excel dental

Our approach to periodontal health

Our dedicated team of oral health professionals is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized gum disease treatment for all ages. We tackle gum disease from multiple angles, with prevention strategies and treatments designed to meet your unique needs.

Your gum disease treatment plan may include care such as…

  • ZConservative gum therapy (conducted by our Registered Hygienists)
  • ZGum recontouring (gingivectomy)
  • ZCrown lengthening
  • ZGuided Biofilm Therapy

In addition, we also provide soft tissue laser treatments, such as frenectomies, gingivectomies, and biopsies to optimize your gum health and overall health. Our ultimate aim is to help you maintain a healthy mouth and live a healthy, carefree life.

FAQ about gum disease treatments

What are the overall health implications of gum disease?

Untreated gum disease can lead to serious health complications, including an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Regular check-ups and prompt treatment are crucial for managing gum health.

How often should I get a gum disease screening?

We recommend a gum disease screening at least twice a year, as part of your routine dental check-ups. However, if you experience any symptoms of gum disease, such as red, swollen, or bleeding gums, you should schedule a visit immediately.

How can I prevent gum disease at home?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential in preventing gum disease for all ages. This includes regular brushing and flossing, and avoiding tobacco products. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular dental cleanings and exams can also help prevent gum disease.

Straight from our patients’ mouths


Denise G.

So happy to have found Excel! Dr. Davis is one of the few American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members in the area. They truly care about their patients and providing the right care.


Susan G.

Excel Dental provides the BEST dental care! They offer a whole-person approach to dentistry…it’s not just about your teeth. They go above and beyond in regards to education and patient care and it begins the moment you walk in the door. If you’re looking for comprehensive, anxiety-free dental care, this is the place!


James M.

Dr. Davis is the best and most wonderful dentist I’ve ever had! I appreciate her dedication, caring, and knowledgeable professionalism, not only from her but also from her entire staff. What an amazing team!

We make caring for your gums easy

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Advanced, Modern Facility

Our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques allows us to deliver precise and effective treatments for gum disease.

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Caring Team

As a privately owned practice, we offer a dedicated and empathetic approach focused on making your treatment process as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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Tailored Care

Every patient is unique, especially when it comes to oral health. We focus on giving you personalized treatments that work best for you and your gum health and lifestyle.

You deserve excellent dental care

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