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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

Mickey D

Mickey D. on why he loves coming to Excel Dental

It has been a great experience for me. And as a child I got a phobia from another dentist, when my mom took me to the dentist, and I think everybody has that, probably the least amount of doctors I want to see is the dentist. But here, they’ve have really changed all that. They are like family. Dr. Tracy and her staff treat you like that. I am not trying to go overzealous with it but it is a lot of fun here. It is just a wonderful experience and instead of dreading going to the dentist like I used to, they really take good care of me, and any time, and of course in my profession my smile is very imprint. So, they have done an excellent job to help me keep that up.

I talk to a lot of people that don’t want to come to the dentist and they wait and wait and wait, because they have this terrific thing in their head about— you know, it is going to hurt, it’s pain or whatever—and I am just saying that when you come to Excel they do their best to make you relax you and not have any of those anxieties. That is very important to me. In fact, last time I was here I made a comment to her that I won’t be back for a year because of my yearly checkup, I want to come back to see you. It’s just that way here, when you come in you feel good and they take care of you. On emergency situations, I have had an emergency, where it happened a couple of weeks ago, where I had a crown loosen up and they got me right in. It wasn’t “well, we will see you next Thursday” but it was “oh, we will see you right in,” they are just good people.

Mickey D

Mickey D. on why he chooses to replace missing teeth with Dental Implants

I have a spent a lot of money on my teeth. I have had bridges and crowns. And over the years, because of my age of course, I have had to have certain teeth replaced, and I have even had implants and they go through every step with you before they even start doing anything. They let you know what it’s going to cost, what the procedure is going to be, and they are very caring when they are doing it, which is important to me; when they are doing the process that you are not in any pain whatsoever, and that is important to me. I had anxiety when I was younger because I just didn’t have the care like they put out.

Implants are not new but they are new to me, and I thought well by sending the money I may as well put in an implant which basically is going to last hopefully forever instead of a bridge breaking or a crown breaking or pulling a tooth or whatever. So, anytime I have an extraction I am talking to her, about putting in an implant and I just love my implants. They worked out very well for me, and like I said she does a great job, and the whole staff explaining all those kinds of different things that we can do my smile you know. As an auctioneer, I can’t imagine being toothless. But it’s important to me in my appearance, I think it is very important and when you are in business. I think the biggest thing why I am so intrigued here is that I am not ‘ran in and ran out.’ When I have problem, they know how important it is to me, that not only to use my teeth to eat with but it is very important to have great smile and to be able to be very professional with that.

Kelly S

Kelly S. on the excellent dental care she receives at Excel Dental

When I was little, like I said, I always had to have dental work done. And back in the day, that was not comfortable and there was lot of pain it is not like that now. They are very concerned about how you feel and if you’re comfortable with everything. Just making you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door, and from going back to the chair and everybody’s smiling and nice and they make sure everything is numb or just everything is perfect before they even start. Dr Meg is always in a great mood, and smiling and happy and always makes sure that I know exactly what they are doing that I understand it and that I am very comfortable and confident in what they’re doing that day.

When you come like I said, you are greeted by people that are smiling at you and they know your name and they just make you feel really at home and comfortable. I have never seen anyone here in a bad mood and they are always happy and like they are having the best day of their life. Well I have already told several people about it, I had a lady the other day, one of my clients, that I told her about them and she told me “Kelly, you are the only person that I’ve asked that said that they have actually loved their dentist. No one else liked their dentist at all.” And I love mine.

Kelly S

Kelly S. on improving her smile with Dental Implants and Dental Crowns

I just had bad teeth from the beginning from when I was a little girl. So, I’ve always had to have a lot of work done to them. And the crowns— they’re super easy, you just lay there and you are comfortable and they do amazing work, they look better than I would imagined they would. I had a lot of crowns and everything that they had done before and I had periodontal disease on the top. So, it was implants or dentures, so we had the implant and I loved them. It was about a year long process we had to do, but they make it as comfortable as possible, and one you get your implants in, you are good to go and have no problems and it is amazing.

They explained everything to you from the beginning and as we went along through the year, they would remind you of “we’re doing this, and we’re going to do this next.” They make you feel confident in the work that they’re doing and explain every detail to you. Before I had the implants done, I felt like my teeth were okay, but now I feel like they are perfect and comfortable with no pain whatsoever. So, I am a hairstylist and I talk a lot all day long and smile at people and it is just important and it makes you feel better about yourself. I feel better now than I ever have, because they’re are just amazing.

Cindy B

Cindy B. on why she love visiting Excel Dental

I enjoy Excel Dental for many reasons. I do have anxiety when it comes to dentistry always have my whole life. And at Excel dental this is the first time I have ever felt a part of the dental family. When I walk in the door, they greet me immediately; ask how my day has been. They seem to care, and I know they care. Another thing is just the building itself, it’s lovely, welcoming, bright, cheery and it—there’s a such positive energy and atmosphere here and it dissipates my fear.

I find Dr. Davis to be very unique, she is highly intelligent and yet she is bubbly and friendly, she has it all. And when she’s working with my teeth I know that I’m in the best of hands. I have never been harmed here, I’ve never been hurt—and whether be a cleaning or through my entire Invisalign experience, and I’ve been here quite a bit and I think that says a lot. Her follow through, her care. If there would be a problem, I know I could contact her and she would be on it as soon as she possibly could. She is from the very beginning the concept of correcting teeth to beautify our mouths, all the way through the experience itself and then the follow-up which I find so many people who kind of dropped the ball at the end, she does not. She is very caring throughout the entire experience, and I find that to be very unique.

I think one thing that is important to say about the Excel Dental staff is that they have a beautiful reputation in the community. They win awards on an annual basis. Dr. Tracey actually won dentist of the year, top doc of the year a couple of years ago. I think all of that is the recognition by the community on behalf of their care, their donations to different fund raisers; they are very active, when it comes to children’s mental wellbeing, children’s hygiene, and hunger, which is also our care to learn program. They typically are hosts of that, and so they are not only caring of actual their patient population, but they take their care outside of the walls, and they are involved in our communities at risk families, and finding ways to better those who live in Christian county and neighboring counties.

Cindy B

Cindy B. on how Excel Dental makes it an anxiety free experience

I think for quite a few people; we can share stories in our youth of visits to the dentist that were very painful and not pleasant. And I think a lot of people have fear of the dentist. I personally as a young girl was lied to by my dentist. He said he wanted to drill in my tooth and it would not hurt, and of course he hit a nerve and it was excruciatingly painful and I think it hurt so bad, and he said “well, I want to get it over quickly.” And I knew at that point as a young girl he had lied to me and he caused me pain, that then set a precedent for my life for any future dental appointment that I had. So, the moment we say the word dentist, I would be triggered and I would go into an anxiety state a fight-or-flight response, and I could feel the adrenaline releasing through my body before I ever walked in the door.

At Dr. Tracy’s, what they have done to alleviate that, they have very soft music if we need that. Or they have, their machinery is not loud with loud drilling noises, you here laughter. It almost feels like the other people around you are going through a similar experience. You don’t hear people yelling, you don’t hear people screaming in pain. So, after a while you learn to relax. The chairs they are so comfortable you feel like you are at a spa. I think that is very important. They always check and see if you are comfortable—is there anything you need. My favorite, “would you like a pillow under your neck.” So, again I feel like I have gone for a Friday spa day, and yet I’m really at my dentist.

My last visit was amazing, I have had my teeth cleaned very often, I have them cleaned every 3 months. This last visit I was asked if I would like to use a numbing mouth wash. Well, I thought I would like to try it as it sounds very nice. It was delightful, it does numb your lounge and your mouth, and I felt nothing during the cleaning. So, they are always willing to try new things with me and I am willing to let them, and I appreciate that they are growing and that they are always looking at was to be current and trendy and they are always in the cutting edge of dentistry and I appreciate that.

Cindy B

Cindy B. on feeling confident with her smile after her Invisalign treatment

My dental experience has been interesting. Because I was an adult—at the age of 40 when I got my first braces. So, I as an adult went through life with braces. I did the rubber bands and the whole experience for about 2 years to correct my crooked teeth. After that I found that wearing my retainer was difficult in my line of work because I do speak for a living, and so I would not wear my retainer during the day and try to sleep in it, and just a little bit of time during my mouth out of my teeth, shifted back to almost their original position of crookedness. Then I noticed I was biting the inside of my mouth almost on a daily basis almost to the point if I was eating biting the inner cheek and drawing blood. So, I contacted Dr. Tracy and she told me immediately that we can correct this very quickly. And with the Invisalign programme they really encourage you to wear the sleeves, which are the coverings that go on your teeth, for at least 21 hours a day.

It was a very easy process to begin with, like with anything they take the molds, mail them in and once you’re sleeves or your plastic aligners arrive they call you in to begin the fitting process to make sure that they can send me on my way for like 6 weeks’ worth of sleeves to wear and I am on my own with that—it is an honor system. At that point what I appreciate was when doctor Tracy explained to me about a permanent retainer. So, she has put a permanent retainer behind my teeth and you cannot see it but it is maintains those stubborn teeth. Without it I am sure my teeth would have shifted by now. So, the whole experience for me was an example of another way that you could utilize their program and yet have to it work within your personal needs and have the same outcome. I work with individuals who are struggling with life issues, they come to me so that we can work together so that they can gain confidence inner strength.

I felt that when I had a very crooked smile, crooked teeth that I was not as confident as I needed to be about what I projecting to them. That is a personal thing. With my dentistry though, I was really—instead of addressing crooked teeth I was really trying to readjust some very sharp teeth that were actually causing wounds in my mouth. So, to get the outcome, the beautiful outcome I did was a bonus for me. Because I probably would have been happy half way through once the sharp teeth were readjusted to not have wounds in my mouth every time I ate. I feel that getting the benefit of that smile, and looking now and seeing perfect teeth, I feel positive about my self-image, and I do feel better.

Dr. Tracy Davis and Dr. Jim Oslica Excel Dental in Ozark, MO

Excel Dental

Dr. Tracy Davis and Dr. Jim Oslica

The careers of Dr. Jim Oslica and Dr. Tracy Davis have followed similar paths, and they are excited to offer exceptional smile care to residents of southwest Missouri! Dr. Oslica originally hails from St. Louis but moved to Ozark at a young age and graduated from Ozark High School. Dr. Davis’ hometown is Conway, though she moved to the Springfield area in 2004 to be closer to family. Graduates of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, they both have earned many accolades and memberships in prestigious medical associations. For example, Dr. Davis has received national recognition as a dental researcher while Dr. Oslica is an active member of the American Dental Association. Drs. Davis and Oslica love to help our patients smile with more confidence and providing you top-notch, comprehensive dental care in a warm environment.